Life is like a combination lock.

So as I indicated in my previous post, we are still waiting for the arrival of Wind Affair. Waiting, but not idle!

Since moving to Indiana from Texas, we have discovered the phenomenon of winter hibernation and the packing on of pounds that goes along with it. We have always heard people complaining about the “Holiday Pounds” and seen the constant and persistent ads on tv about losing all that “Winter Weight” and getting back into shape. Did we have our issues with a few extra  pounds over the holidays? Sure… but South Texas is definitely not the kind of place that fattens up for the winter hibernation like up here in Indiana. (Yes, that was a huge generalization, but y’all know what I mean… I hope!) Slowly over the last 4 years we have been sucked into the ways of the world around us. This winter was the best we’ve experienced so far weather wise. If every winter was like this last one, we would be far happier living in the Midwest. However, we slacked off terribly food and exercise wise. We have been feeling it, too. Bloaty, flabby, grouchy, tired, fuzzy minded… just bad.

We are determined, however, to get back into “bikini shape” and refocus on fitness and nutrition like we once did. Summer is well on it’s way here, and it won’t be too much longer before Wind Affair arrives which will keep us outside and on the water as much as possible. We have pushed our way back over the right track, and we are already seeing results. We are feeling better, stronger, smarter… all important qualities when captaining a sailboat!

We started with a two week boot-camp that we designed ourselves incorporating some our favorite Beachbody videos, Advocare supplements, running routes we mapped out around our neighborhood and some self made circuit training (some of which involve things like running our stairs). Food was very specifically selected and portioned and eaten at specific intervals. We did two a day workouts – focusing a great deal on cardio and endurance. I kept a daily log on facebook of exactly what we were eating, when, and what our workouts were. We figured by doing this we could 1) keep ourselves accountable, and 2) maybe inspire others to get up off the couch and follow along with us or get started on their own thing.

Since then we’ve back ourselves down to one work out a day with 1 or 2 rest days per week. We have also started a new workout program – Zuska Light* on YouTube. The big thing about our rest days is that we don’t fully stop. We will still do a short  and easy 1 or 2 mile walk and/or do some kind of stretching/yoga session. For me, Debra, especially – the yoga/stretching daily has been key. I have suffered from hip, back, neck and shoulder issues for a long time. My occupation is breeding ground for everything from mild arthritis, to carpel tunnel syndrome and other repetitive motion injuries. I have sought the advice of family medical doctors, to massage therapists, to sports rehabilitation professionals and physical therapists, to chiropractors. All of them had very logical, sound advice and good techniques and suggestions, but – for me – after every round of whatever the last person had told me to do, I would feel better for a little while and then revert back to pain again. Quite frankly, I am too young and have too many things to do in my life to be limited by and a slave to muscle pain and stiff joints. I have once again taken things into my own hands and have created an ever-evolving food and exercise program to include a stretching/yoga routine that is working for me. It’s never the same twice, but involves a lot of the same “moves” each time. I just go with what my body is feeling that day. For example, if upward dog hurts my lower back one day, then I go back to child’s pose and move into a different pose (usually one that stretches and relaxes my hip flexors) for a while before going back to try it again. If I can’t quite get it to feel right, then I skip it. Clearly, my body is telling me that isn’t going to work today, and if I continue to force it then a revolt will occur!

Do I still go to see my massage therapist regularly? YES. My doctor? YES. Do I still take my meds and supplements? YES. It’s combined effort. This is true for everything. In school many people take different approaches in order to master a particular lesson. In business and work, things will be done a bit differently from one person to another and both will be able to achieve the same goal. One man’s journey to realizing a dream may be very different than then woman next to him with the same dream. We take a little of this, and some of what that person, said and include that thing we saw once… and make our own recipes for success.

Life is like a combination lock. Just figure out the combination and unlock your potential.

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