Year of Music – 2012

Wind Affair was our “big deal” of the year obviously. We even forwent our annual trip/reunion in Las Vegas in order to concentrate our efforts where it was most needed. Cleaning, refitting, fixing, sailing, etc. However! We did take a few breaks from our aquatic mode to feed another area of our hedonistic side. I consider it to be a core part of my spiritual well being. MUSIC!

Our travel funds this year were transferred mostly to the boat fund, but we did set aside a portion of that for concerts. We usually go to one per year, and this year we made many more. And, so here follows our Summer of Music – 2012!

Dave Matthews Band


Florence + the Machine



Seal and Macy Gray



photo 3




Def Leppard / Poison


Kiss / Motley Crue

There were two concerts we had planned for, but did not get to attend due to typical reasons: weather, last minute trumping conflicts. I will not miss these next year if I can help it.

The Counting Crows

Earth Wind and Fire

It had been a long time since we fed this area of our lives. We didn’t even realize how starved we were for it! It was wonderful to replenish, and we have decided to make sure not to neglect this again. Music is definitely food for the soul, and we are already researching and planning out our concert tour for next year.

It was a great summer – full of work and fun and we learned a TON!!  Now it’s time to shift gears and settle in for the winter. Wind Affair will soon be out of the water, and there are winter projects a many awaiting!

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