Still waiting

I have been MIA for long enough, so it’s time to update all of you on the current situation.

Wind Affair is still in Michigan for the moment. Our good friend, Captain Todd, encountered a few problems with his trailer, so we are waiting on repairs before we can go and fetch our boat. A great exercise in patience! (By the way, anyone in the area looking for sailing lessons or just a fun Evening of Sailing, be sure to look him up! Just follow the Captain Todd link above!)

The weather hasn’t been the greatest in Michigan anyway, and since the mast has to be stepped before she can even be lifted onto the trailer, it’s best for us to allow better weather to arrive anyway. No one wants to spend a day in cold, wet, windy weather fooling around with a sailboat mast!

In the meantime, we have sent our headsail off to be converted to a roller furler, and Evan found a great deal on eBay and purchased a grill for the cockpit. We are still researching the best way to redo our windows, as well. To top it off, Evan and I have been focusing a great deal on our health and fitness, and we’ve made some new discoveries, good progress and positive lifestyle changes. More on all of that in a future post. One thing is for sure. When Wind Affair finally arrives, we will be throwing quite the little homecoming party for her! It’s going to be a great summer!

PS: We are going out on Dauntless this weekend for a bit of sailing and fun! Can’t wait!

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