Concerts and House Guests

This has been a busy summer for us so far. A lot of it has had to do with Wind Affair, but we have had other fun, too. For example, we went to the Dave Matthews Band concert, and we had friends visit from Texas.

Dave Matthews Band is one of our all time favorites. When we moved to Indiana from Texas it was a tough change. Things are to do are VERY different here, as well as how they are done. It’s taken a lot of adjustment. One major highlight for us, however, has been the fact that we live about 3 miles from a concert venue. AND this particular venue is a stop on the Dave Matthews Band tour every year! They typically play two nights, and we are always there – BOTH nights. We actually mark our calendars, complete with alerts, with the day and time that tickets go on sale. This year was no different. Well, there was one difference.

We didn’t end up going Friday night. Our youngest wound up in the Emergency Room after inexplicably passing out in the kitchen. After a billion tests, it was determined that it was POSSIBLY an issue of “low pressure headache causing a pain response and ending up with vasovagal syncope.” In simpler terms, He feinted. They still don’t know why. The most important part. He’s fine now. We were out of the ER and home in time to see the show, but chose not to – our kids come first. We monitored the situation all day Saturday, and determined that he was well enough to leave in the care of the XBOX360 and his 18 year old brother.


So, at a little after 5pm we were tailgating for about 45 minutes and then waiting for the gates to open. When they did, we booked it for our favorite place in the back center of the lawn, dropped our stuff, got a beer (Evan) and a strawberry-lime frozen margarita (me) in a tall guitar shaped cup and waited for the show to start.  If you are a DMB fan who was not there then you should be both happy for us and envious of us. We suspect they might have been cutting an album. Seriously, even the encore screamed with superior win when they busted out with “Halloween”  into a cover of Sly and the Family Stone “Thank you (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Again)” into “Tripping Billies.” To quote my facebook post: BEST DAVE EVARRRR!!!!!

A compilation of DMB shots

 Our youngest will be 14 next year and he is a DMB fan, too. When they started to play JimiThing I whipped out the video on my iPhone. It’s Jacob’s favorite song. I recorded about 2 minutes of it, and it was so cool because as they played the crowd sang the beginning of the song. Eventually, Dave joined in. It was a pretty great moment. I sent the video to Jacob and told him he gets to go with us one night next year. He’s stoked. Hee!


Also, we had some Texans cross our threshold recently – The Hoy Family! You can link to their blog here or over on our blog roll, if you like. Quick background. Katie and I have been best friends since the 9th grade. We were in Color Guard and band. She ended up marrying a fellow band geek after getting reacquainted during our 10 year high school reunion. They now have 3 beautiful children, the oldest of which is my God-daughter. I love these children like they are my own. I love it when they come visit. We went to a Splash Pad (small community water park), we also got to watch awesome Disney and Pixar movies, run through the water sprinklers in the yard, bake cookies, play with Ryan’s and Jacob’s rats, and make faces through the sliding glass door.

Friends for 25 years and counting…

Jacob gave up his room for the kiddos this year and slept in the bunks in the game room in the basement. Jackson was a little nervous about being in a different room.  What if there were monsters?? We assured him that Jacob’s room was the place to be. Why? The rats. Jacob’s rats are very special. They are Guard-Rats. No monsters can get into the room when there are Guard-Rats around. He was very impressed and told me he thinks he would like to get Guard-Rats for himself someday.


It’s a shame these kids have such a terrible time when they come visit me. I wish they had more fun and liked me more. Heh.

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