Last full moon of 2011

December 10, 2011. It was the last full moon of the calendar year. I love the sky, y’all. I pay homage to the sun every chance I get. I have a wall in my foyer dedicated to the sun. I have a Solstice tree in my living room right now to celebrate the return of the sun after it’s long journey. However, I am one to seek balance, too, and therefore, also love the moon. I watch the skies at night and pick out constellations. I watch the moon as it goes through its phases each month, and take note* of how the we are affected by it.

*Remember I am an interpreter. My job has me interacting with the public on a daily basis – or better yet, they are interacting with each other through me. I believe I have one of the most complex and voyeuristic jobs on the planet. A strict professional code of ethics is paramount, but man-oh-man! the stories I could tell! Especially around the full moon. If you are one of those naysayers that don’t believe in all this moon phase affecting people hocus pocus, well ok. I won’t waste my time trying to convince you. But I will say this: IT’S TRUE.


Last night, Evan and I went out to dinner with some boating friends. We went to a Japanese Hibachi Grill. It was my first time being to such an establishment, and I really liked it! I even did the part where the chef cooks up some egg and makes you open your mouth, so he can flip it off the grill into your mouth while yelling “Scooby-Doo!!!” (Ok, maybe not all of them yell Scooby-Doo when they do this, but this guy did. He was funny!) We drank plum wine – again a first for me. Wow, was it sweet, but incredibly it paired really well with the food. We had a great time!

On the way home we were listening to DMB and I was looking out the window at the full moon. It’s so pretty. Words fail me when I try to explain how much I love to watch it. And Orion, at that moment, appeared just below and to the right, so that was another moment for me to smile. Then Evan suddenly spoke to me and pulled me out of my trance.

Evan: Are you singing to the moon?

me: No, *giggle* I was just looking at it. It’s full tonight, you know. And I haven’t spotted Orion in a while, and it’s right next it it.

Evan: You really are going to have a wonderful time on our night passages, aren’t you?

me: *grinning* Yeah… yeah, I really will.


This morning, very early for a Sunday  – 7:30am. Evan gently tapped and nudged me awake. I was very sleepy and confused, but he quickly started explaining in a whisper.

Evan: I’m sorry to wake you, but I really think you’ll want to see this. Come over here where I am and look out the window… right there. He pointed west and up, so I can’t imagine this is a deer he wants me to see. What would be in the air at 7:30 in the morning that would be worth waking me up to see?? I slither my way over to him and lay my head on his chest.

Me: *deep sigh*

Evan: I thought so.

It was the moon. The full moon hanging low and beautifully while the sunrise in the east lit the trees and sky all around it. The sky was ever so faintly glowing its layers in shades of pinks and blues. I just laid there for a few minutes. Then I moved back over to my side and tried to convince myself that I had seen something beautiful. I had not missed it. I could go back to sleep now.

:blink, blink:

I sat up.

Evan: I’m sorry I woke you up. You can’t go back to sleep now, can you?

me: No, no… I just can’t stop thinking that I should go try to take pictures.

So, I did. I threw on my blue and orange baseball pajama bottoms, a light pink breast cancer awareness sweatshirt, black and white slippers, trotted down the stairs, pulled on my black winter coat, grabbed our Pentax K100D and whooshed out the back door onto the deck. And now I will share with you the last full moon of 2011!


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