Boat shows just aren’t fun if you don’t get to bring home a new toy. One year, it was boat hooks. Just last year, it was new windows. This year was especially exciting for us. We have been saving up for a couple of years for this particular purchase. It’s one that we will use now, and will be able to come with us to the big boat later. This is the kind of thing that can make or break any boating or camping experience – especially a lengthy one.  Or it can even be the kind of thing that can take it to what I like to call “Level: It never even occurred to me” because THAT, folks will be music to my ears! What is this amazing new toy you ask??

We got an AIR HEAD!

AirHead Dry Composting Toilet
AirHead Dry Composting Toilet

That’s right! When we have people onboard and need to use “the facilities,” we no longer have to worry about it. We won’t have to direct them all the way back  up to the club house, or carefully watch their trek up to the bow of the boat carrying a bucket – a BUCKET, people!! – whle attempting to be nonchalant.  Nor will we be tempted to just toss them into the drink to take care of business. No siree bob! Now using the facilities will be something that is just done. Naturally. Without pomp. Without circumstance. It will never even occur to anyone that it USED to be a concern for us.

Yes, this is the kind of “toy” we get giddy over now.  We went through a lot of discussion and research before making the final decision on the AIR HEAD, instead of it’s competitors, or a typical marine head and holding tank. Ease of use, disposal, and odor were our chief points of reason. If anyone is curious, just leave a comment or send us a message via our new facebook page, and we will be happy to fill you in on our opinions.

Speaking of facebook, go check us out!
It’s still in the beginning stages, but I’m to going to try to start updating a little more regularly over there. You know, just in the moment pics, thoughts, etc. Hope you’re all having a great day!


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