Gerry Hughes – Deaf Sailor


Circumnavigating the world in a sailboat takes time. A lot of time. I would be remiss not to mention commitment, dedication, patience, skills in risk management and self reliance.

Now imagine doing it solo.

Now imagine being deaf.

Gerry Hughes is not the first man to brave the challenges of sailing a solo circumnavigation, (In 1969, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston became the first man to sail around the world single handed, non-stop.) but  he IS the first Deaf man to do it.


September of 2012, Gerry Hughes set sail from the Firth of Clyde and set sail on his Beneteau 42 s7, Quest III, for the first leg of his journey – Cape Hope. After 210 days and 32,000 miles of determination, rounding all 5  capes, and even surviving a capsizing event, he arrived back in Troon, South Ayrshire in May of 2013. Gerry was met by his wife, Kay, and their two daughters, as well as a huge crowd cheering and celebrating him and his fantastic achievement. One report stated, “After hugging his tearful wife Kay, 47, on his arrival, he swapped the champagne popped in his honour for a pint of his favourite Guinness.” (source, MSN UK)


This is a man of guts and glory. He had a dream. He made that dream come true. Bravo, Mr. Hughes! BRA-VO!

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