Another Perspective

I originally named this post “Inspiration for your Journey.” After some reflection I decided that “Another Perspective” was more appropriate. It is definitely about your Journey, and everyone’s is different. I also hope this will Inspire you to continue to look at yours from another perspective.  A good friend of mine told me once,  “Nothing like a good re-frame to really see the important stuff in any given situation.” (Thanks, Shana Bender!)

I recently came across a short video on a friend’s facebook page. There are so many silly little pictures and memes and videos and the like posted on people’s pages these days that I don’t have time to look at or watch them all. If something really stands out visually I will take a peek, but if not, then I just pass it by with a glance. This was initially a case of the latter for me.

I saw the still shot with the big right pointing triangle in the middle of it, but I wasn’t immediately sure what it was, and so after the briefest of pauses, I kept scrolling. But then something nagged at me a little. You know, those little gut tugs? And I went back to it. I looked at it again. And I took into consideration the person who posted it (Thanks, Tom Cox!). Then I tapped the play button.  And now I feel compelled to share this with all of you – however many of you are reading.

A segment of an Alan Watts lecture, “Life and Music,” with animation surprisingly by Trey Parker and Matt Stone of South Park fame. This 2 minutes and 21 seconds really spoke to me, and I hope that will speak to many others. I didn’t know who Alan Watts was, so I googled and found a wiki page, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Watts , and this website: http://alanwatts.com/

He was a very spiritual man, and seems he was best known for his Western interpretation of Eastern philosophies. I won’t give you an entire research paper on him here. There is plenty of information out there for anyone who simply types his name into the Google search box. Instead, I hope to have left you inspired as I was. Have a beautiful day!

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