Current Projects/Future Projects… for now

Wind Affair was splashed later than anticipated this year due to the forever winter and then incessant rain.  We never found an enclosed storage facility either, so there were a few winter projects that had to wait until late spring… well, now it’s early summer! We have at least four projects going right now, and a few more that we want to get done before we take her back out of the water this fall/winter. Oh, and considering we have only left the dock to actually sail ONCE so far this season, we would really like to get these done ASAP. Good grief.

Current projects:

Rebedding Leaky Stanchion Bases
New Handrails
Replacing Windows
Replacing Shift Cable

Future Projects:

Painting topside
Redo Cabin Floor – teak
Bottom Paint
Interior Hull Paint
Starboard Storage Compartment (Galley)
Remove Jabsco Head/Install Composting Head

Part one of Project: Painting Topside will likely be moving up to the Current Project list shortly. Project: Replacing Windows, and Project: New Handrails have yielded a significant change in the coverage area on the outside of the cabin top. Old runny epoxy streaks and other such nasties are now revealed and are quite the eyesore and distraction for what should be beautiful new custom windows and handrails. We are likely going to at least throw some white primer around the cabin topside while the windows are out and the Handrails are off.

We have been photo documenting our current projects, and we will have individual posts for each if… I mean, WHEN, we finally get them completed. Our goal is always to work on just one at a time, but I have come to accept that this is just about impossible on a boat. Once you dig in to fix one problem, several more are uncovered. Everything is linked to something else, and most often you can’t address one issue without addressing the other(s). Such is life!

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