The Crew

Debra & Evan:
We love live music. Especially DMB, and EDM. The term “hippie-raver” gets thrown around a lot.”


Debra is from Katy, Texas. She holds state and national certifications as an American Sign Language Interpreter. Her work is a mixed bag of video relay, educational, and community interpreting.

Her hobbies include SUPing, SCUBA, free diving (new!) jewelry making, reading.

Goals: Kiteboarding, video/editing


Evan is from Marion, Indiana. He is a retired USAF officer, skilled in electronics installation and service. He also holds a certification in Project Management. 

His hobbies include SCUBA, reading, and newly into fishing.




Sadie Jane:
“She is a piece of work.” 

Sadie Jane is a Catahoula mix, and a true rescue pup with the somewhat neurotic baggage to go with it. She’s new to the sailing life, and although she’s a little timid, she’s adapting VERY well! 

Her hobbies? Sadie Jane is a frisbee dog! She will play fetch with just about anything, but the “F” (We cant say the whole word. She knows what it means.) is her obsession.

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