Happy National Dance Day Birthday!

Yesterday was Evan’s birthday. In celebration we took out a few friends on Wind Affair. Beth, Bob, Carol, Gerry, me and, of course, the birthday boy himself!  It was also National Dance Day, so admittance onto the boat was dancing:


Evan might have been giving the First-time-aboard-sailboat-answers-to-FAQ-and-safety spiel, or he might have still been celebrating National Dance Day and his birthday. I will let you be the judge.

We had a beautiful day of sailing. The wind was shifty as it always is on Geist, but there was more than enough to get us really going a few times.  The weather, too, was gorgeous – temps in the 80s, low humidity, just enough clouds floating around to shield us from direct sun most of the time.



One thing this group does well is sustenance. Food was tasty and libations were a’plenty! We had bottled water, wine, beer, wine, soda, wine, cider and more wine.  Did I mention wine? We ate finger fruits – cherries, strawberries and other assorted berries. We sliced up 4 different cheeses and served them up on crackers. We had chips and bread and dips. Evan grilled brats and hot dogs. I even brought out the Birthday Brownies!

These are just the wine bottles.. Heh!

We drank and sailed. We anchored and drank and sailed. We drank and motored around the lake. We got back into our slip at the marina, ordered pizza and drank some more. When I asked Evan later if he had a good birthday, he said:

“Yes, I did. It was the best one I’ve had in a long time.” YAY!!

Carol and Gerry left first, but not long after my phone sounded off. It was a facebook notification. I pulled up the app on my phone, read to myself, smiled, and then read out loud for everyone else:

“Hey, y’all! Get this! Carol just tagged us all in a post! She said, ‘Spent an amazing day on a sailboat with some of my best friends…how cool that they also happen to be my husband, sister, brother, sister-in-law, and brother-in-law! Thanks guys for a wonderful time!’ AWWW!”

Yeah… it’s a pretty good hand life has dealt you when your family and your friends can be one and the same.

L to R: Evan’s sisters, Carol and Beth, and me
L to R: Evan and his brothers-in-law, Gerry and Bob

And to end of the most fabulous of notes.. You know it was a good time, when the next morning you discover pictures on your digital camera that are reminiscent of something you might have been surprised to find after your film was developed in the 80’s. I didn’t know digital cameras these days were capable of producing such awesomely bad and hilarious shots!


Hope you all had as much fun as we did celebrating National Dance Day and Evan’s birthday! Not that anyone should have expected less. I mean really – we, as always, we were just doing our part to promote hedonistic values!

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