Decks, Woodwork & Sails

Wind Affair has a mast and she’s in the water, so what’s next? Um… Sails. Sails would be good here!

We had the main sail cleaned and the head sail converted to a roller furler. We met up with the folks of Sail Care at Strictly Sail – Chicago. They offered very competitive prices and our sails are beautiful. Now, I will tell you that self installing at roller furling system is not as easy as one might think. We fought that plastic for a while, and had to remind ourselves several times that it WAS going to be worth the trouble. But we got it done, and it’s a gorgeous thing to not have to mess around with hanking on that sail when we want it. WELL WORTH the time, trouble and expense. Trust me. Also, the Sail Care folks are great. Excellent customer service, beautiful sails.. We highly recommend them.

Sails are up!

After the sails were on, we took to the final bit of cleaning. Evan scrubbed the decks and cockpit using lake water and Simple Green, and I went into the cabin armed with Old English Scratch Cover for Light Woods and Scott’s Liquid Gold Wood Cleaner. I went over all of the wood work twice with the Old English and then did another pass with the Old English. The difference is AMAZING!!

Here are some before and after pics… drink it in folks. Drink. It. In.


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