Debra and Evan

About Debra: Loves music… Loves to dance.232323232-fp543-5-nu=32;3-83;--56-WSNRCG=39974499-;337nu0mrj

Debra is from Katy, Texas (just west of Houston). Her father hails from West Texas, and her mother was raised in Queens, New York.

Debra holds state and national certifications as an American Sign Language Interpreter. She works as a video relay interpreter as well as doing community interpreting (medical appointments, school meetings, sport leagues, etc).

Debra dives and hold both open water and nitrox certifications. Her reason for taking SCUBA lessons in the first place? She wants to be a mermaid!

About Evan: He’s the shiznit.

Evan grew up in Marion, Indiana. His parents were school teachers who are now retired and enjoying their retirement by traveling the world. They have been on all 7 continents, and don’t seem to have any plans to slow down just yet.

Evan is a retired captain of the United States Air Force. He works at D.F.A.S. and teaches project management  at DeVry University in Indianapolis.

Evan is also a diver holding both open water and nitrox certifications, but has been at it a bit longer. He is just shy of receiving his dive master certification – a goal he will complete before too long.

The Morgan Family:232323232-fp73569-nu=32;3-83;--56-WSNRCG=39;472-495337nu0mrj

Evan and Debra reside with the family (2 boys, 2 dogs, 1 cat and 3 rats) in Fishers, Indiana. They both aspire to see the world. And since they are both certified divers and have a love for the water they have decided that taking the world by cruising is the way to go!  The plan is to get the kids through school – one down! one to go! – and move to Florida or Texas, buy a boat (the research on boats has long since begun), and convert to a live-aboard life!